Our company “i Caftani di Roby Zu®” is the result of a journey that has its deep roots in the culture and traditions of the peoples of the world. There is a term that, although summarizing, exemplifies the design inspiration of I Caftani and is: ETHNIC CHIC in its purest meaning.
The product is the final result, it is what you see, touch, want, buy. The product is the synthesis, it is what remains.
The characteristics of our caftans are strictly natural fabrics and the union of different ancient cultures. Materials and colors assemble, marry, merge to find their whole, a logical fulfillment, always original and often unique.
The preparation of each collection is a commitment where energies flow powerful. Prints, colors, embroideries, applications are all well studied and mixed.

Roberta Zurlo is not only the designer of RobyZu’s Caftani, she is their heart, thought and hands.
After 30 years of experience in the world of hand-embroidered fabrics for the home, she wanted to bring her knowledge and passion into the world of fashion, so that all women can wear an exclusive and original piece of craftsmanship.
From his immense passion for Indian embroidery and absolute dedication to work, the first caftan was born 10 years ago: the origin of what is now a collection full of unique, refined elements and priceless simplicity and innovation.